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In 2019, in France, around 90,000 young people1 (10%) left school without receiving their diploma. Faced with the rise in the general level of qualifications and a high unemployment rate, these young people have few job prospects and are at risk of insecurity. As proof, almost 20%2 of people aged under 25 are unemployed.


200,000 Vacant Jobs in Industry

To resolve the contradiction, TotalEnergies Foundation has created L’Industreet, a campus for the industry professions of tomorrow, which opened in late 2020. The campus is located in Stains, north of Paris in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, and is well served by public transportation. By the end of 2021, it will provide free tuition to some 200 young people aged 18 to 25 – half of whom women – with or without qualifications, from all social and cultural backgrounds and various regions in France. Eventually, 400 young people will receive training each year. This new kind of campus will provide young people with training in fast-changing industrial professions experiencing shortages and, ultimately, help them enter the workforce.


L’Industreet Makes Industry an Opportunity for All

The young trainees have a choice of courses, ranging from 12 to 18 months in five sectors and ten professions of the future with strong hiring potential. Based on alternative teaching methods and immersive work experience opportunities, the courses all provide qualifications upon completion. L’Industreet also offers comprehensive, personalized and long-term support in order to adapt to each trainee’s individual needs and provide both the expertise and soft skills that they require to successfully enter the workforce.

TotalEnergies Foundation chose to support this initiative as part of its commitment to youth inclusion and education. We firmly believe that too many young people are not given the opportunity to achieve their full potential, and that a helping hand will empower them to take control of their future. That is why TotalEnergies is providing L’Industreet – a real springboard for young people – with the benefit of its visibility and knowledge of the industrial world.

To contribute to regional vibrancy, L’Industreet welcomes young people from all over France. Since its inception, L’Industreet has worked in partnership with nonprofits in the inclusion sector as well as companies and institutions. This collaborative approach ensures that young people from all areas can take part and benefit from traineeship and work experience opportunities.

With this commitment, TotalEnergies Foundation is seeking to empower young people with no qualifications or clear goals to advance their lives, overcome their self-imposed limitations and make their career a success. Motivating these young people requires giving them back their self-confidence – which we set out to do so that they can find their place in society.

Key Dates

  • September 2017: L’Industreet project conceived
  • November 2019: Foundation stone laid
  • June 2020: Online applications open on website
  • November 2020:First young people start training
  • March 1, 2021: L’Industreet inauguration

L’industreet in Figures

  • Ultimately, 400 young people each year (10 to 15 per class)
  • 3 workshops measuring 1,000 square meters
  • 1 outdoor area spanning 1,000 square meters
  • 400 square meters dedicated to digital technology
  • 12-to-18-month courses, made to measure
  • Accommodation solutions for trainees